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Tecnológico de Monterrey has established itself as an academic institution of excellence and a transformation platform to promote research, innovation, entrepreneurship and human flourishing.

During the celebrations of the Institution’s 80th anniversary, the English ranking agency Quacquarelli Symonds conducted a study on the impact of its graduates in a global setting. The findings showcase their professional journey, their contributions to society, as well as some testimonials and success stories.

This study reflects that the EXATEC community serves as ambassadors for the Institution's values and purpose to impact society.

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Tec has been an organization that has really shaped how to provide a flexible education with high-quality; with a real impact outside the classroom. It really allowed me to develop an ideology of professionalism, an idea that I have carried since Tec allowed me to do so.

Javier A. Reyes

Chancellor of the University of Massachusetts Amherst | Graduation Year: 1998

I am absolutely certain that how you handle yourself on the field is the way you handle yourself in life; beyond your athletic performance, it's about your dedication, determination, focus, heart, perseverance, and resilience. For me, everything is about doing it day by day. It's something that Tec de Monterrey taught me, along with values and tools to face different life situations.

Diana Flores

Captain of the Mexican Flag Football team, Borrego de Oro, appointed by the NFL and the International Federation of American Football (IFAF) as Global Ambassador for flag football, and first Gold Medalist in flag football in the history of the World Games | Graduation Year: 2022

Tec provided me with a solid basis, the fundamentals for continuous learning. In my career in economics, it offered a strong foundation in finance and mathematics, which are essential for understanding how a financial model operates. Over time, it allowed me to develop the capacity to independently absorb new knowledge and gain new experiences. So, I would say that the most important tool Tec gives you is openness to curiosity and continuous learning.

Raúl Revuelta Musalem

CEO of Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico (GAP) | Graduation Year: 1999

Tec provided me with the most incredibly useful tools to do what I wanted to do, which was to work on environmental conservation and sustainable development. I always thought I would do it from an engineering perspective or through an NGO, but I believe Tec taught me that through a business model, you can also bring positive social change to the world.

José Emiliano Iturriaga Tovar

CEO Rutopía | Graduation Year: 2018

We have a Food Bank (which is my baby) where we provide 63,000 food baskets every month to 31,000 low-income families. We have just moved to a new location, where we will have the capacity to produce much more, which we will gradually complement with a clothing and household goods bank, as well as a medicine bank. Eventually, we want to create a Medical Specialties Center.

José Luis González Iñigo

Board Chairman and Founder of the Sesajal Group | Graduation Year: 1967

I was fortunate to study at Tec: It opened my eyes to the world, and I got involved in student groups where I met people from other countries fighting for different causes. I believe that humans are born with the capacity to share, but at some point, it's like a switch that we turn off and that can always be turned on again. My dream is to feel joy because I was useful to the world, to have set an example for my children that this world is better with them in it, and to encourage them to contribute making the world better for others.

Lorena Guillé-Laris

Executive Director of FEMSA Foundation | Graduation Year: 2002, 2008

I am indeed a physicist-engineer in every sense because I have been dedicated to engineering oriented towards technology development. The knowledge I acquired at Tecnológico de Monterrey go in that direction. This international notion that Tec instills in its students, this openness that, in my opinion, is acquired through the study programs, was very useful.

Gerardo Herrera Corral

Researcher at Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute, and associate researcher at CERN Switzerland | Graduation Year: 1984

 The most important tool was learning how to learn, knowing that innovation is a cyclical process that seeks to propose solutions to impact society. That is, by applying research methodologies, the scientific method, and ethnographic techniques to empathize with users experiencing a problem, and through collaboration with multidisciplinary experts, you can solve any challenge with 'out-of-the-box' proposals.

Myrna Flores

Executive Director Centre for Digital Transformation. Imperial College London | Graduation Year: 1996, 1999

Tec gave me the opportunity to fall in love with studying. I’ve always liked studying, but at Tec, I found the excuse to do it. I believe that another very important thing Tec taught me that looking at things from different perspectives is also a tool. It gave me the confidence to know that I could rebuild the most complicated company, which is the reconstruction of the personal company, and go out into the world to help other people build and rebuild.

Jorge Font Ramírez

Consultant and Speaker | Graduation Year: 1993

I feel that Tec instills in us that entrepreneurial spirit, seeking these opportunities to improve the quality of life for both the entrepreneur and the people who will use this innovation.

Margot Molina Elías

Member of Tecnologico de Monterrey Board of Trustees (Campus Sonora Norte) | Graduation Year: 1987


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